optical disk

A disk that will accept and retain information in the fdisk that will accept and retain information in the form of marks in a recording layer that can be read with an optical beam.
NOTE: Optional spelling “disc” is also acceptable.
(SOURCE: JIS Z 6015:2022, 4.99)

Typical optical discs include the following.
Recording media: Write-once-read-many/rewritable number of recording layers capacity
BD BD-R: Write-once-read-many; Single-layer/Double-layer 25GBytes/50GBytes
BD-RE: Rewritable Single-layer/Double-layer 25GBytes/50GBytes
CD CD-R: Write-once-read-many Single-layer 640MBytes/700MBytes
CD-RW: Rewritable Single-layer 640MBytes/700MBytes
DVD DVD-R: Write-once-read-many; Single-layer/Double-layer 4.7GBytes/8.5GBytes
DVD+R(*): Write-once-read-many Single-layer/Double-layer 4.7GBytes/8.5GBytes
DVD-RW: Rewritable Single-layer 4.7GBytes
DVD+RW(*): Rewritable Single-layer 4.7GBytes
DV-RAM: Rewritable Single-layer (both sides)4.7GBytes(9.4GBytes)
(*) These are common names. The international standards ISO/IEC and ECM (European Computer Manufactures Association) refer to them as +R format and +RW format.