Abbreviation for Compact Disk

An optical disc that conforms to the compact disc specifications for recording digital data.

It was originally developed by Philips and Sony as an alternative to music records. It is a disk with a diameter of 12 cm or 8 cm and a thickness of 1.2 mm, and its recordable capacity is 650 MB or 700 MB.
A read-only medium, mass-produced using the same process as music CDs, and mainly used for the distribution of software, etc.
・ CD/R(Compact Disc Recordable)
A medium that can be written on only once and is read by a CD-ROM device.
・ CD/RW(Compact Disc Re Writable)
A rewritable medium that requires a compatible drive that supports CD/RW rather than an ordinary CD-ROM device.
As for CD-ROM, CD/R, and CD/RW, compatibility issues may arise, and therefore care should be taken.
→ See optical disk