Organized collection and preservation of records and materials created by individuals and organizations. Also, facilities and institutions for the purpose.

When it refers to a thing, it is sometimes easier to understand the meaning by rewording it simply as "record" or "material." In the case of historical materials, it can also be reworded as "historical sources." When it refers to a facility or institution, the facility or institution where the national or local government preserves and manages official documents can be reworded a "public record office," and the facility or institution where historical materials are preserved can be reworded as a "record office."
(SOURCE: Proposal for the Paraphrasing of Loan Words by the Committee on Loan Words of the National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)
Information produced by business and other activities that is also maintained for continuous use.
From the aspect of document information management, it is the "preservation" phase. If document information that is accessed less frequently is left in storage, it not only occupies resources but also degrades the system performance. In addition, it will also cause adverse effects such as requiring a long time to back up the information. Therefore, the operation of transferring the information to another medium and deleting it from the original storage is referred to as "archiving."