"JIIMA is the public service corporation who does the spread enlightenment of document information management aiming at an electronic society from paper."
*JIIMA (Japan Image and Information Management Association)


Michihiko Takahashi

JIIMA is the only official recognized organization in the country that has attributed to the promotion of Document Information Management over 50 years.
The worldwide spread and osmosis of computer and internet technology are developing an information age in a whole society at the speed beyond anticipation.
Especially a progress of network technology is making the amount of information increase so huge that the conventional technology feels a limit for the management.
The core activity of JIIMA is popularizing and enlightening the document information management that carries out practical use and preservation possible more certainly and more effectively through the whole life cycle which has the large concept including a paper, a microfilm document, and an electromagnetic record of computer, etc. in response to the change for environment and domain of document information.
With the technical progress in IT, the document information management has also been developed from the stand-alone type like a microfilm system and an optical disc system to a network type system of document information management.
JIIMA makes it the mission to contribute to development of the advanced information and telecommunication society in the 21st century to satisfy the needs in a new era expanding technical, market, and business domain through the activities of standard and guideline development, show, seminar, and publication, etc.

JIIMA's Activities

Trade Show

Holding annual trade show "e-Document JAPAN" at Tokyo Big Sight in October which exhibits hardware, software products, and the service related to Document Information Management.

A lot of people, who have strong interest in IT, have visited the show that is acknowledged with 52nd. holdings in 2014 and actual benefit.


Providing various kinds of seminar which include ECM related knowledge series program, seminar for certification exam system, new technology trend, and new regulations and standards.

Especially, various kinds of program are offered at "e-Document Forum" held with the trade show in October.


Publishing a monthly "JIIMA journal IM"that introduces case study, new technology, various kinds of references, and worldwide trend. Electronic edition is offered from March 2014.

Also, editing and publishing technical magazines for beginners and specialists as well.

JIIMA Certificate Program

Providing the certificate exam program of Micrographic Specialist since 1967, and upgraded to the new certificate program of "Certified Document Information Specialist" in 2001 to meet new technology and market needs.
This program certifies the skill and ability to manage document information in the organization.
It attracts attention such as becoming the tender conditions of government and municipal offices like the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
More than 10,000 Certified Document Information Specialists are active in a various area in 2014.
Furthermore, a new "Certified Document Information Professional" program started in 2013.
Although a conventional "Certified Document Information Specialist" authorizes an ability of the optimal means and technical knowledge required in order to deal with important information in a maker, a vendor, a service industry etc., the new "Certified Document Management Professional" is a grade program for raising talented people with the specialty of document management called for user side.


Document Management 標準化ガイドブック2012

Developing the draft of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and attributing to international standardization activities in scope of TC171 (Document Management Application) commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Policy Recommendation

・Research and promotion of document information management.
・Cooperation in practice standard creation of the development of regulations about document information management.

JIIMA Committees

Performing committee activities by the participated members from about 200 JIIMA member companies.

< Promotion & Enlightenment >
・ Trade show comm.
・ Seminar comm.
・ IM Knowledge Content comm.
< Human resources development >
・ "Certified document information specialist" exam. comm.
・ "Certified document information professional" qualification comm.
< Knowledge related >
・ ECM comm.
・ Document Information Management comm.
・ Legal comm. / official document management WG
・ Legal comm. / e-document promotion WG
・ Archive comm. / Micro media WG
・ Archive comm. / Optical media WG
・ Document Information Management Center (DMC) comm.
・ Standardization comm.
・ New market developing comm. / Medical care WG
・ New market developing comm. / Architecture WG
< Product certification >
・ Certificate jury
・ Certificate jury / Optical disk product certificate WG

JIIMA Membership

The number of company of the JIIMA membership is about 200, and a lot of companies in the whole country have joined widely.

JIIMA membership is organized by the following 3 categories, and some courses are available.

  • General membership:
  • for organizations and individuals who use document information management system.(Admission fee: \10,000, Annual fee: \50,000)
  • Sponsor membership:
  • for organizations and individuals who are maker, dealer, software developer, input service provider and so on related to document information management. (Admission fee: \100,000, Annual fee: \100,000)
  • Knowledge membership for individuals:
  • ・Course-1: Web reading of "JIIMA monthly journal IM"(Admission fee: \4,761 + tax, Annual fee: \4,761 + tax)

    ・Course-2: Web reading and print purchasing of "JIIMA monthly journal IM"(Admission fee: \4,761 + tax, Annual fee: \9,523 + tax)

Member only benefits:

  • Participation in various JIIMA committees
  • Discount on various seminars, trainings, and exhibition at trade show
  • Web reading of "JIIMA monthly journal IM"
  • Obtaining case study, recent technical information, overseas information, and national trend promptly
  • Discount on various publications and guidelines
  • Obtaining worldwide market and technical trend information, and participation in meeting and trade show organized by AIIM (Association for Image and Information Management in the United States) according to a global partnership agreement between JIIMA and AIIM
  • Participation in group tour of visiting the trade show, seminars, and related users and organization in the United State.
Board of Directors
(May 2017)
President Michihiko Takahashi JIM Corporation
Vice President Yasuyuki Katsumaru Fuji Xerox System Service Co., Ltd.
Executive Director Kazuaki Nagahama JIIMA
Director Jun Hirooka Nichimy Corporation
Shinji Tochigi Musashi Corporation
Hiroyoshi Kuroda Ricoh Co. Ltd.
Hiroshi Katsurabayashi Fuji Xerox Co. Ltd.
Taketoshi Kawamura APIX Corporation
Yoshihiko Nomura Nippon Research Center, Ltd.
Akira Tsuji Musashi ABC Corporation
Mitsuhiro Okamoto Konica Minolta Japan Inc.
Shigeyuki Okino PFU Co., Ltd.
Masayuki Ohta HyperGEAR Inc.
Toshitaka Nakamura Jimco Inc.
Hideki Shimojima Mitsui-soko Busuness Partners Co. Ltd.
Auditor Norimasa Kunoh Hatsucoh Electronics Inc.
Aki Moriguchi AMANO Business Solutions Corporation
Takashi Ohno Certified Public Accountants & Tax
History of the JIIMA
1958 established Japan Micro photographic Association (JMA)
1961 started publication of "JMA News"
(current JIIMA journal IM)
1962 JMA was authorized as incorporated association.
1963 started "Micro photographic Show" (current "e-Document JAPAN")
1967 performed the 1st certificate exam of Micrographic Specialist
1995 changed the association name to "Japan Image and Information Management Association (JIIMA).
2001 started the certificate program of "Certified Document Information Specialist"
2003 created JIS Z 6016 (Electronic imaging process of paper documents and microfilmed documents)
2006 created JIS Z 6017 (Long-term preservation for electronic imaging documents)
2007 established "Best Practice award"
2008 celebrated JIIMA's fifty years anniversary
2010 Suggested the policy of promoting Green Office to the Minister of Public Management.
  • ・started the new certificate program of "Certified Document Information Professional"
  • ・got an approval as a public interest incorporated association, and adopted a new logo.
Contact Address

Japan Image and Information Management Association (JIIMA)
2-1-3 Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0032 JAPAN
Wako Bldg. 7th. Floor
TEL: +81-3-5821-7451, FAX: +81-3-5821-7354
URL: www.jiima.or.jp