Two Qualifications Certified by JIIMA

The Japan Image and Information Management Association (JIIMA) promotes certification in two types of qualifications, in order to promote document information management at business enterprises, government offices, local government offices and various other organizations.

Certified Documented Information Specialist

The qualifications are designed to certify specialists in document management, chiefly among manufacturers, vendors and service providers that operate as suppliers. The certification focuses on the appropriate methods and technical knowledge required for handling invaluable document information. The qualifications are divided into three classes: Senior Class, Class 1 and Class 2. The qualifications are required when entering bids for digitization projects for many national government organizations and incorporated administrative agencies and nearly all prefectural and local government offices.

Certified Documented Information Professional

This is a seminar for earning certification in document management implementation.

The certification targets users responsible for business operations that involve documentation and information in business enterprises, national government offices, local government offices and other organizations. This certification scheme has been designed for persons who are responsible for the support and promotion of business operations involving documentation and information, persons in general affairs, legal affairs and IT who provide organization-wide support in document and information management and persons in DX promotional divisions, etc., responsible for supervising document and information management on an organization-wide scale.

Difference Between the Certified Documented Information Specialist and Certified Documented Information Professional

The Documented Information Specialist certification is offered chiefly to manufacturers who are suppliers, vendors and service businesses. This certification focuses on the appropriate methods and technical knowledge required for handling invaluable document information.

On the other hand, business enterprises, national government offices, local governments, etc., that deal with a huge volume of document information require user-oriented knowledge in document information management. The Certified Documented Information Professional is a designation given to people who are aware of the importance of information from a management perspective and are capable of handling documents and records from unconventional standpoints and who utilize a wide range of information in management.

 Certified Documented Information SpecialistCertified Documented Information Professional
How to Earn the CertificationExaminations are CBT-based and held twice a year; there are three grade levels. Through a university course in Document Information Management Theory.Through a two-day certification seminar in Tokyo. (Requires confirmation of a comprehension level.)
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Distinctive FeaturesCertification is a requirement in public bidding for many national government and local government projects. Certification Exam Prep SeminarThis seminar features attorneys and other specialists speaking on the laws and security issues related to document information management and usage, the correct approaches for usage, case studies, etc.