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The winners of the 16th Best Practice Awards have been announced.

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Award-Winning Cases in the 16th Best Practice Awards

As the industry organization at the forefront of speeding up digital transformation through document information management and enhance the value of all organizations in Japan, the Japan Image and Information Management Association (JIIMA) is engaged in activities to promote and raise awareness of document information management.
As part of this drive, JIIMA established its Best Practice Awards to recognize the business enterprises and organizations that have produced significant results through their deployment of innovative document information management systems.
Now in its 16th year, outstanding practice entries are being accepted as nominees for the Awards. We ask our members to recommend outstanding cases they find among their suppliers and business partners. Entry of in-house cases is also welcome.

1. What are the Best Practice Awards?

It is an awards program organized by JIIMA to recognize the outstanding cases of innovative document information management systems that have been deployed and produced significant results.

2. Entry Guidelines (please note this year’s entry period has ended)

Please download the entry form below and provide a summary of the case in two A4-size pages or less. Please submit via post or email as a PDF attachment.

16th Best Practice Awards Entry Form

[Mailing Address]

Attn: Kuroyanagi, Secretariat

Japan Image and Information Management Association

7F Riders Building, 2-19 Kandasuda-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0041

Tel: 03-5244-4781

If sending via email, please enter the information using the form below.

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Deadline: No later than Wednesday, August 31, 2022

*Recommendations for the Best Practice Awards cannot be entered for multiple nominees at the same time.

 Please note that nominees that failed the screening in the past cannot be nominated again for the same case/project.

3. Screening and Awards Presentation

The entries will be screened by the JIIMA Best Practice Award Screening Committee, who will choose the winners of the Award of Excellence, presented to those with especially innovative cases, and the Incentive Award, presented to those with cases that rated higher than the benchmark level in the overall score but lower in the evaluation for innovation.
The presentation of the 16th Best Practice Awards will take place at the Digital Document 2022 Webinar, which has been scheduled for November.

4. Screening Criteria

JIIMA’s screening criteria will include the following.

  • The satisfactory application of the distinctive features of document information management;
  • Innovative qualities;
  • Its potential for far-reaching social significance
  • The nominees’ willingness to cooperate in JIIMA's promotional activities, which will include the release of reference materials about the case at seminars, in the JIIMA IM journal and on the JIIMA website.

5. Announcement

The 16th Best Practice Award winners will be announced in mid-September 2022. The screening results will be reported to all entries. Other activities are as follows.

  • A press announcement will take place. In addition, the award-winning cases will be presented in IM, the organization's journal, and featured on the JIIMA website.
  • Presentation of the winners will be held as a special Best Practice Awards lecture at the Digital Document 2022 Webinar scheduled for November 2022.

We earnestly await your entries ? thank you for your participation!

Past Best Practice Award Winners

  • 16th Best Practice Awards (2022)
[Award of Excellence]

Relo Group, Inc.: Improvement in Business Efficiency, Stronger Governance and Contribution to SDGs Through Wider Application of Electronic Contracts at Various Companies and Departments of the Group <PDF 1239 KB>

[Incentive Award]

FIS Inc.: Improvement in Business Efficiency in Document Information Management and BCP <PDF 1194 KB>

*The Award of Excellence and Incentive Award were created as separate categories starting with the 16th Best Practice Awards program.

  • 15th Best Practice Awards (2021)

JTB Corporation: Digitization and Preservation of Evidentiary Documents (in Compliance with the Electronic Book Preservation Act) and Greater Efficiency in Related Business Activities <PDF 1049 KB>

Epson Sales Japan Corporation: Groupwide Implementation of the "Corporate Card" to Create a Scheme That Enables Accurate and Simple Processing and Easy Document Checking for Everyone and Digital Transformation of Sales with the Expense Settlement System <PDF 1502 KB>

Daito Bunka Gakuen Educational Foundation: Greater Efficiency in Publication of the Academic Institution's Newsletter on the Web and Prevention of the Secondary Use of Personal Information <PDF 796 KB>

  • 14th Best Practice Awards (2020)

JACCS Co., Ltd.: Call Center Operations Reform Through the Segmentation of Manual Documents into Parts and Integration with AI and Voice Recognition <PDF 584 KB>

HOUSECOM Corporation: Implementation of Open Service Innovation to Become a "Real Estate Business of the Post-Digitization Age" Alongside the Promotion of Document Digitization and Data Preservation <PDF 482 KB>

NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation: Activities in the Empowered Office, Work Style Reform for the Creation of Innovation from a Paperless Operation <PDF 734 KB>

Nihon Unisys Ltd.: Project to Implement Box Activities for Both the Top-Down and Bottom-Up Entrenchment <PDF 441 KB>

Musashino Co., Ltd.: Realization of Paperless Operation Through the Use of OCR in Duskin Expense Sheets, Expense Settlement Receipts, etc. <PDF 1038 KB>

Ibaraki Daido Seika K.K.: Realization of the Paperless Operation of the Entire Back Office, Spurred by "Scanned Preservation" Executed Two Years Ago! <PDF 570 KB>

Kao Corporation/Kao Business Associe Co., Ltd.: Digital Transformation (DX) with AI and OCR to Process Billing Statements That Had Been Done Manually, Consuming a Huge Amount of Time and Man-Hours <PDF 870 KB>

  • 13th Best Practice Awards (2019)

Japan Rugby Football Union: Japan Rugby Digital Museum Project: The History of Japanese Rugby in Digital Images <PDF 2401 KB>

Paperless Processing of Expense-Related Documents Numbering 576,000 a Year and a Wider Scope of Disabled Persons Hiring ? the Challenges of the Persol Group <PDF 780 KB>

  • 12th Best Practice Awards (2018)

Sakura Chuo Taxaccounting Group: Digitization of Document Information with OCR and AI and Implementation of a 100% Teleworking Scheme <PDF 700 KB>

K.K. Bear Tail: Greater Efficiency and Paperless Processing of Expense Settlement with the Startup of an Expense Settlement System Compliant with the Electronic Book Preservation Act and Corporate Card <PDF 1032 KB>

Konica Minolta Japan, Inc.: The Background and Current Activities in the Document Stock Zero Project <PDF 1028 KB>

Ibaraki Daido Seika K.K.: Challenges in the Application of Scanner Preservation Combined with the OCR of Manually Written Ledger Sheets <PDF 1101 KB>

Money Forward Inc.: New Form of Document Digitization Through Coordination Between a Scanner and Expense Settlement System <PDF 760 KB>

  • 11th Best Practice Awards (2017)

PCA Corporation: Scanner-Based Electronic Preservation of Expense Settlement to Receipts <PDF 1666 KB>

Alfateccs Co., Ltd.: Innovative Case of the Smartphone Recording of Receipts for Employee Reimbursement Utilizing a Preservation Scheme Using the Scanner <PDF 1971 KB>

  • 10th Best Practice Awards (2016)

Setagaya City Hall, Tokyo: Introduction of a General-Purpose Ledger System for the City Hall <PDF 902 KB>

Panasonic Financial & Accounting Professional Partners Co., Ltd.: Completion of the Scanning and Preservation of 90 Million Accounting Evidence Documents for 156 Group Sorksites <PDF 703 KB>

  • 9th Best Practice Awards (2015)

Yoursoft: The Road to Application Using Scanner-Preserved Receipts ? Our Qualms Dissipated with the National Tax Bureau's Courteous Response <PDF 2158 KB>

Nippon Expressway Research Institute Co., Ltd.: Collection and Preservation of NEXCO's Expressway Reference Materials ? a Digital Micro Archiving Project That Took Three Years <PDF 1342 KB>

  • 8th Best Practice Awards (2014)

Furuno Electric Co., Ltd.: Digitization of Import/Export Ledger Sheets with the Development of a Trade Ledger Management System and Compliance with the Law <PDF 1917 KB>

  • 7th Best Practice Awards (2013)

The Gunma Bank, Ltd.: Digitization of Account Transfer Request Forms Based on Taxation Requirements <PDF 2130 KB>

Toda Corporation: Digitization and Micro-Archiving of Work Documents to be Returned <PDF 2306 KB>

  • 6th Best Practice Awards (2012)

Toshima City Office, Tokyo: An Integrated Document Management System <PDF 2292 KB>

Ito Hospital: Integration of Electronic Patient History Documents with Paper-Based History Documents to Deal with Long-Term Medical Care <PDF 2262 KB>

NIPPI Corporation: Long-Term Preservation of Production Records Coordinated with the Production Control System <PDF 2065 KB>

Japan Hydrographic Association: Archiving of Literature on Marine History, etc. <PDF 2394 KB>

  • 5th Best Practice Awards (2011)

Pasona Group Development of an ECM-Based Audit Handling System <PDF 1735 KB>

Digital Control of Paper-Based Documents in the Electronic Patient History Environment at Toyama University Hospital <PDF 2658 KB>

  • 4th Best Practice Awards (2010)

Osaka University Hospital: Full Digitization of Patient Treatment Records <PDF 1937 KB>

Saga Prefectural Government Office: Business Reform with a Ledger and Record Management System <PDF 2572 KB>

  • 3rd Best Practice Awards (2009)

Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.: Complete Digitization of Insurance Contract Documents Under the Electronic Book Preservation Act <PDF 2361 KB>

Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited: Implementation of and Enterprise Contents Management (ECM) System for Long-Term Preservation Documents <PDF 2340 KB>

  • 2nd Best Practice Awards (2008)

K?t? Hospital: Full Digitization of Paper-Based Patient History Documents <PDF 2443 KB>

Kanagawa Kenmin Kyosaiseikatsu Kyodo Kumiai: Implementation of Enterprise Contents Management (ECM)

  • 1st Best Practice Awards (2007)

Mizuho Bank, Ltd.: Full Digitization of Credit Card Loan Application Forms in Compliance with the Electronic Book Preservation Act <PDF 1083 KB>