How to join JIIMA

JIIMA now has more than 200 members throughout Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

We are the only publicly recognized organization in the business field, with its membership consisting of regular members who are users in the field as well as sustaining members representing a wide range of business fields, including related equipment manufacturers, dealers, software developers and information input/processing services.

Academic experts have also been invited to join as special members and are working in cooperation with our regular and sustaining members in a variety of activities concerning document information management.

We look forward to the active participation of users in the business fields and by organizations in the related fields, such as those below.

  • Document filing systems
  • Multimedia networking systems
  • Color imaging
  • Systems related to electronic books and records
  • Recording media/large-scale storage
  • OCR and image entry systems
  • Systems and services related to the E-Document Act
  • Imaging hardware
  • Imaging software
  • Outsourcing services
  • Information security systems
  • CAD-related systems
  • Enterprise content management (ECM)
  • On-demand printing
  • Digital multi-function printers

Member Privileges

  • Members are able to join the various JIIMA committees and, in the course of committee activities, are able to broaden their perspectives in the area and foster exchanges.
  • Participation in seminars, training programs and the e-Document Japan trade show is offered at lower prices.
  • Members are also granted swift access to case studies on system implementation, information on new technologies, overseas developments and the latest developments in Japan.
  • JIIMA publications and JIS standards are also available at discount prices.
  • Through the global partnership contract with the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) of the United States, members are granted numerous benefits such as access to the latest market developments and technology developments, participation in conferences and seminars, etc.
  • Tours to international conferences and trade shows related to document information management are also available.

Types of Membership and Fees

  • Regular Members

Incorporated entities and individuals who use systems related to document information management.

  • Sustaining Members

Manufacturers related to document information management, as well as incorporated entities and private individuals who are dealers, software developers, input service operators, etc.

  • Individual Support Members

*We presently do not accept new personal support members (membership update of current members only)

Membership program or private individuals who demonstrate knowledge and incentives in promoting and using document information management, as well as persons who are interested in the area and wish to learn document management.

  • Membership Fees
 Capital of More Than \1 Billion:Capital of More Than \100 million:Others
Admission FeesRegular Member\10,000\10,000\10,000
Sustaining Member\300,000\200,000\100,000
Annual FeesRegular Member\50,000\50,000\50,000
Sustaining Member\300,000\200,000\100,000
  • For information regarding the membership procedure, etc., please contact us here.

Japan Image and Information Management Association

Documented Information Specialist and Documented Information Professional Certification Organization

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