Approved by the Board of Directors on May 10, 2017
Approved by the Ordinary General Meeting on May 30, 2017

code of conduct

 The Japan Document and Information Management Association (hereinafter referred to as "JIPIMA") has established the following code of conduct to ensure that the officers, committee members, and secretariat officers and employees are fully aware of their basic mission and social responsibilities when conducting business, and can easily determine whether their actions and decisions in daily activities are in line with these missions and responsibilities. (Duty of care as a good manager) Article 1.

 (1. We shall comply with laws, regulations, the Articles of Incorporation, and other rules and regulations related to our business, and endeavor to execute our duties in a sound manner
 2. We shall not offer or accept any improper benefits, offers, promises, or entertainment that deviates from socially accepted norms.

 (1. We shall act in accordance with social ethics so as not to damage the honor and credibility of the association
 2. They shall not disclose information on matters related to the management of the association to outside parties without permission.
 3. They shall make a distinction between their positions as officers, committee members, and secretariat staff and their personal positions, and shall not bring private matters into the association.

 (1. To avoid any suspicion or distrust from society, we shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations, and conduct our business activities in a highly transparent and fair manner
 2. We shall endeavor to disclose appropriate information so that society may correctly understand the activities of the association.
 3. To contribute to the benefit of society, we shall endeavor to implement projects to support and facilitate the business activities of our members.

 (The Association
shall prepare financial statements legally in accordance with laws, regulations, guidelines, and other instructions, and conduct proper accounting procedures and tax reporting, etc.

 (Information obtained in the course of business activities shall be strictly controlled, and shall not be leaked to third parties or used for purposes other than MISHOP activities.
 2. The Association shall make every effort to protect personal and confidential information.

 (In the event of a violation of this Code of Conduct, we shall promptly investigate the cause of the violation and prevent its recurrence
 2. In the event of a violation of laws and regulations, we shall promptly report the matter to the administrative authorities and actively cooperate with investigations, etc. 3.
 (3) In the case of a violation of the preceding paragraph, the Company shall promptly and accurately fulfill its accountability to society and take strict disciplinary action, including its own disciplinary action.